Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform. If you have a query that is not answered here, Please contact us.

How does Fellerpay platform work?

Our platform is easy to understand, you bring in new member and they are placed under you. You are required to bring in 5 members to complete level 1. A practical example of how our platform work is as follow,For example, in Basic plan:
On level 1: You will refer 5 people and earn #3,000, total of #15,000. 
On level 2: Your 5 downlines will refer 5 people each. You earn #300 each from them. Total of #7500. 
On level 3: The 25 people will refer 5 people each. You earn #150 each. Total of #18,750. 
On level 4: The 125 people will refer 5 people each. You earn #100 each from them. Total of #65,500. 
On level 5: The 625 people will refer 5 people each. You earn #50 each from them, total of #156,250. Then you have completed your cycle.

What happens if I decide to bring more than 5 members?

If you bring more than 5 users they will be placed under your downlines, this is considered as spillover, and you will still get your reward.

What is spill over?

Spill over refers to the ability to have new members and/or representatives placed under you by your upline. Spill over ensures a consistent development of the whole team rather than imbalanced advancement of individual team members.

Do I need to complete my cycle before I can withdraw my funds?

No! You can withdraw your funds at any time. Our minimum withdrawal is #10,000.

What is Direct Referral Bonus, and is it different from Level Commission?

Direct Referral Bonus is different from Level Commission. The Direct Referral Bonus is our own way of showing appreciation for every user you introduce to our platform. This bonus are added to your balance.

What is Level Commissions?

The Level Commission is the compensation earned by recruiting new members. The commission will be added to your balance only when the members recruited purchase a plan.

How do I deposit funds to my Fellerpay account

To Deposit funds, Login to your account and click on the Deposit menu, choose your Deposit option and then put the amount you want to Deposit.

How do I subscribe to a plan?

Login to your account, click on the Plan menu, choose any plan that you are comfortable with. After subscribing to a plan you won’t be able to change plan. You will not be able to access the plan menu from your account till you finish your current plan cycle. This is why you are advice to choose a more profitable plan.

Can I subscribe to 2 different plans at the same time?

No! You cannot subscribe to 2 different plans at the same time. This is why you are advised to choose a more suitable plan. You can only change your plan after you have completed your current plan cycle.

How many times do I need to pay for a plan before my cycle is completed?

You are required to pay just once, and then your cycle starts running till it is completed.

Do I need to sell anything before I can start earning?

No! Our platform does not require you to sell things before earning, you earn immediately after you start bringing in new members. When the people you invite subscribe to any of our plans, you get your reward.

How do I withdraw my funds?

Login to your account and navigate to the Withdrawal section, create a new Withdrawal request, choose how you want to receive your funds and then fill the form that will be presented to you. We process withdrawal during banking hours.

What is E-pin all about?

With our E-Pin feature you can generate usable pins from your balance, send to friends and family, when they recharge the pin in their account they get the value in their balance. It works just like a recharge voucher. E-Pin is the best option for sending funds to friends and family from your account as it does not charge users additional fees.

Can I transfer funds to other users?

Yes, our platform allows users to transfer funds from their account to other user. Please note that if you mistakenly send funds to unknown user, it is irreversible at your end, you can contact customer care for assistant.  

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