Fellerpay is a fast growing MultiLevel Marketing Platform that provides a new way for Nigerians to make extra cash while working from home or from anywhere in their spare timeOur mission is to help Nigerians to become creators of wealth and help them to achieve financial freedom. Fellerpay reward members for every user that register under them. With the help of our spillover features, weak members can get users under them from their ancestors even if they can’t bring in new members by theme selfThe spillover feature helps in building deeper and stronger networks.

NOTE: Fellerpay is NOT a Donation Site or a Ponzi Scheme. In order for you to make money you need to recruit new members, the more you bring in new members under you, the more you earn.

Why Choose us

If you are looking to earn extra income while maintaining the simplicity and easiness of your current job, Fellerpay might be that extra push you have been hoping for.


We are a certified company which conducts absolutely legal activities. We are certified and safe.

Fast Withdraw Process

Our withdrawing process is fast and efficient. We process withdrawal during business hours.

Direct Deposit

Our platform support direct deposit, you can easily add funds from your bank account to your Fellerpay balance with just a click.


A better way to present your money with this fully featured system. This is the best system for utilize your money.


We secure our website with SSL, we strongly believe in privacy, your contact details will be hidden from the public.


We provide 24/7 support for customers. Need help? We’re ready to answer your questions.

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